Features FAQ

Features FAQ

What is meant by transparent clearing?

The Open Payment Platform simplifies capturing and clearing by providing a unified integration, which hides potential complications of different methods of clearing for different upstream connectors (e.g. batch files or different formats).

Where can I find more information on 3D secure?

We have a 3D secure guide, here.

Can I use my own 3D Secure MPI?

Yes. When submitting requests server-to-server, you can send the 3D secure authentication data in the threeDSecure object (example below). When using COPYandPAY you can choose to enable our MPI built into the payment form.

threeDSecure.eci //ECI Indicator
threeDSecure.verificationId //CAVV or AAV
threeDSecure.xid //3D Secure Transaction ID

What methods of payment are supported?

We support the following methods of payment:

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BrandAsync / sync workflow